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ImmunoKontact (IK) is part of AMS Biotechnology (Europe) Ltd having been spun out in 1996 to create its own brand.

Prior to this AMS was commercialising the Pharmingen product range. When Pharmingen was sold to Becton Dickenson, AMS found themselves with a significant market that could not be serviced. 

IK established itself as a premier provider of cytokine reagents through licensing deals with Dynax for the mouse cytokine antibodies of John Abrams and by adding agreements with the Basel Institute and Novartis.  From 1997 through to the end of 2001, the range grew to include human and mouse CDs, TCR markers and reagents for studying Apoptosis.  At the start of 2002 IK offered over 3000 individual products.

During 2002 to 2004, with significant regulatory events having an effect on the market for human surface markers, IK focussed more on providing reagents for the growing life science research sector. Initially through the provision of monoclonal antibodies to Toll Like Receptors and for the TNF superfamily, the ongoing development featured key areas in cell signalling and post translational modifications. 

Many of the monoclonal antibodies commercialised in the initial phases of the company are now incorporated into fully tested ELISA kits or matched antibody pairs, which allows for a more economic measurement of cytokines, adhesion molecules and some apoptosis markers.

During 2004 and 2005, IK added over 200 phosphorylation specific reagents, both monoclonal antibodies and polyclonal antibodies.  Currently these reagents are in development into phosphorylation specific ELISA kits.

ImmunoKontact prides itself on the quality of its products and in the customer service levels that it provides. An increasing number of researchers are working with IK both for made to measure custom services projects or by providing their reagents to IK for commercialisation.

The next phase will see the company expanding the Glycobiology reagents and services, offering high throughput peptide synthesis and developing many new tools for state of the art techniques and research areas.

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